Improving the Patient Experience

CareCentric is focused on providing a positive experience for patients. We understand that the financing experience offered by healthcare providers is directly tied to patient satisfaction.


We help patients to understand their financial obligations before they commit to treatments.


Affordable Payments

Our payment plans make healthcare affordable for patients. We reduce the upfront costs of living healthy.



We provide patients with a consolidated and easy-to-understand statements for their account.



Our online portal enables patients to make online payments from computers or smartphones.


Simplified Healthcare Financing

Out-of-pocket costs should not get in the way of proper healthcare. CareCentric offers simple monthly payment plans to fit your budget, so your family can access the care you need – right now – and pay those unexpected expenses over time. We consolidate all the related bills into a simple and easy-to-understand format that you can access online by computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Balancing Technology & People

Healthcare is personal, and healthcare financing should be no different. At CareCentric, we are focused on providing a great experience for patients. We offer the perfect balance of technology and people. Our convenient technology helps you manage your account online, but our live team is here to answer questions and help when you need us.

CareCentric use technology at all stages of the origination and servicing processes to give patients options for interacting with us. Patients can choose to call our representatives or use our online self-service portal to meet their needs.

Payment Estimator

CareCentric believes in transparency. We offer payment and cost estimators to help patients understand their financial obligations before making a commitment. We know that healthcare is a major purchase for many American families and we help you to understand how those payments will affect your monthly budget.